Answer to articles on my subject

This article is about how a woman under the influence of drugs murders a man. Because drugs influenced her mind she did something horrible that she deeply regretted.–pizzeria-goes-to-pot-after-30-years

The pizzeria was searched by the police And they found a million dollars worth of pot and half an ounce of crack cocaine. This pizzeria has been in business for over 30 years.

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Answers to song

Title: je m’ecries
Singer: Kery James
Type of song: slam
Instruments utilized: guitar
Number of voices: 4
Number of couplets:
Number of repetition du refrain: 12

A: the song is sad because he has to keep the violence a secret.
B: violence
D: jamais
E: he was brave to the end


A: it sounds like a story that you find commonly in ghettos
B: it is a sad song that makes you think about how easy your life is compared.

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Movie reflection

is a movie on how even people who live in poor conditions like the ghetto can have their lives turned around for the better if people try and care for them properly. The teacher has the challenge of teaching her unwilling students to how to apply themselves in school and how to succeed out and in school. The teacher goes to great lengths to get her students interested in the material that she is teaching and to create an interest in literature outside of what is required by the school. The teacher uses karate, candy bars, trips to amusement parks, and even a fancy dinner, usually with her own money, to reward the students for working hard. As she continues to get to know her students personally she even helps her students outside of school and pays visits to families to congratulate them for their Childs success. This is a good but rare example of ways that teachers who are fed up with seeing their students from gang families fail in school or even die.

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